8 Aug 2013

O'Neill says it's up to NZ whether it takes in refugees from PNG

4:32 am on 8 August 2013

The Prime Minister of Papua New Guinea says it's up to New Zealand whether it takes any refugees from the Manus Island detention centre.

Australia has an agreement with Papua New Guinea to send any asylum seekers to Manus Island for processing.

If found to be genuine, the refugees will be settled in PNG or another country but not in Australia, as part of the government's policy to deter boat people.

During a visit by PNG's Prime Minister, Peter O'Neill, the prospect of New Zealand taking refugees was raised.

He says that's a decision for New Zealand alone.

"It's up to New Zealand and of course New Zealand is a signatory to the UN Conventions on refugees. We are all bounded by the same principles and and I think they will do as much as they can and we will do as much as we can."

Peter O'Neill, the Prime Minister of Papua New Guinea.

John Key says New Zealand would consider taking refugees as part of its United Nations quota.