6 Aug 2013

Allowances delayed for region's Vanuatu students

6:03 pm on 6 August 2013

Vanuatu students around the Pacific will not get their allowances on time this month because the government is short of money.

The principal scholarship officer, Glenden Ilaisa, has confirmed there will be a delay because the fund for the scholarship students has been exhausted.

He says the Council of Ministers has already endorsed another two million US dollars for the fund but parliament is yet to approve it.

An extra-ordinary session of parliament is planned for the week after next.

Meanwhile, Mr Ilaisa says his office has written to the universities asking that they maintain services for the students until a supplementary payment is approved.

He says they have also asked parents to support their children during this period.

Last year, the Vanuatu government owed money to various universities and this delayed the students return at the beginning of this year.