6 Aug 2013

New women's Solomons theatre company to help cut domestic violence

1:27 pm on 6 August 2013

A national women's theatre company has been established in Solomon Islands as a vehicle for reducing violence against women.

A New Zealand-Fijian theatre director, Nina Nawalowalo, and her creative partner and husband Tom McCrory have spent eight weeks in Honiara working with Solomon Islands women to launch the Stages of Change project.

Nina Nawalowalo says the two year project will involve females of all ages who represent each province in Solomon Islands, who will use dance, drama and abstract movements to communicate the key messages.

"The whole project is around looking at gender violence and helping to make some sort of change or help look at change with violence against women. So it's theatre work with a clear direction of how it will be developed."

Nina Nawalowalo says a cautious approach is being taken to ensure the performances do not blame men for acts of violence against women.