5 Aug 2013

Vanuatu Justice Minister changes again while PM is away

6:40 am on 5 August 2013

Vanuatu's deputy prime minister and acting prime minister, Edward Natapei has made a sudden ministerial reshuffle while prime minister Moana Carcasses is in Singapore for medical treatment.

Mr Natapei appointed the first deputy speaker of parliament, Jonas James as new minister of justice yesterday, and removed Daniel Toara from the ministry to become new minister for tourism, trade and commerce.

Mr Toara replaces Marcelino Pipite who was terminated last month by Mr Carcasses because he signed the motion of no confidence against him.

Mr James and Mr Toara also signed the motion which was deposited in parliament last month against the prime minister but withdrew their signatures on 11th July.

Mr James and Mr Toara wrote a letter to the speaker of parliament saying that their signatures were forged by the opposition.

It is the fourth time the minister of justice has been changed since Mr Carcasses took power from Sato Kilman in March.