5 Aug 2013

Tuvalu Parliament set to choose new PM after crisis

4:56 am on 5 August 2013

Tuvalu's parliament is due to meet tomorrow to appoint a new prime minister.

The opposition voted the Willy Telavi government out of the power last Friday after weeks of political acrimony.

The government had managed a number of manoeuvres to avoid a vote, including failing to call parliament for nearly eight months.

But the opposition, buoyed by a recent by-election win, had asked the governor general to act and parliament met last week.

But within a day, the government had adjourned it, causing the governor general to take further action, ordering parliament to sit on Friday and a vote happened under the guidance of the acting prime minister, Enele Sopoaga.

He is now expected to be formally named as the new prime minister when parliament meets again tomorrow.

The opposition had the support of eight MPs to the government's five in the 15-member parliament.