5 Aug 2013

FBI probe in American Samoa asking for information

4:58 am on 5 August 2013

A spokesman for the FBI Honolulu Office says it's too early to say when the probe into a low-income housing programme for American Samoa will be completed and whether any charges will be filed.

30 million US dollars was awarded to local recipients under the 1602 low-income housing grants through the US Treasury.

The Inspector General's Office of the US Treasury confirmed earlier in the year it was conducting an audit following a complaint from a local resident.

FBI agents arrived in the Territory last week to speak to local residents considered potential witnesses.

The agents are working side-by-side with agents from the US Treasury.

FBI spokesman, Tom Simon, says this is the first time agents are in the country looking into the 1602 low income housing programme.

"Unfortunately I can't discuss the specifics of our ongoing investigation but I want to emphasize that we are looking for honest answers about what happened to the low income housing grant money."

FBI spokesman Tom Simon says anyone who might have information can contact their office, adding that the identity of anyone providing information would be protected.