5 Aug 2013

Eye team treats more than 400 Marshall Islanders

4:57 am on 5 August 2013

Over 400 Marshall Islanders have benefited as a result of a visiting American eye team that spent two weeks in the country's main hospital.

The 14-member team was led by Jacque Spence, a co-founder of the California-based Canvasback organisation, which sends surgical teams throughout Micronesia.

This time a specialist Optomology Team made the trip and hundreds of people, some blind in one or both eyes, lined up for treatment at Majuro Hospital.

Jacque Spence says they did at least 200 surgeries, including retinal surgery, and the first corneal transplants to happen in Majuro in 40 years.

"And they had to be led into the clinic they were totally blind and then it was exciting the next day for them to be able to walk and see, it was just so neat to see those who all of a sudden just coming in with a bounce and step."

Jacque Spence says there were several cases of advanced cataract issues that had gone untreated for many years due to a lack of specialists and money.