30 Jul 2013

Australian Govt prepare to send asylum seekers to Manus camp

7:20 am on 30 July 2013

The Australian government is preparing to send the first group of asylum seekers to Papua New Guinea under its new hardline policy.

More than 1200 asylum seekers have arrived on 17 boats since prime minister Kevin Rudd announced the PNG resettlement deal on the 19th of July.

Australia's Immigration Minister Tony Burke told Sky News says he had expected boats to keep coming as people smugglers tested the government's will to send asylum seekers to the Manus Island processing facility.

Work is continuing at the detention centre on Manus as the first group due there by Friday complete health checks in Australia.

The fourth and final airlift of equipment destined for the expanded facility arrived in Port Moresby on Monday.

Mr Burke said permanent accommodation would replace temporary shelters and the centre could be expanded rapidly as required.