29 Jul 2013

Solid evidence on alleged Papua massacre still not available

3:24 pm on 29 July 2013

The West Papua-based Human rights group Elsham says it remains difficult to verify reports of a massacre by Indonesian security forces in a remote part of Papua province.

Reports surfaced in May that around forty West Papuans had been executed by military or paramilitary police in Papua's Puncak Jaya region.

The reports were dismissed by Indonesian authorities.

Rights groups have little access to the remote region which is controlled by military and Kopassus troops.

Elsham's Paul Mambrasar admits there remains a lack of hard evidence.

"A lot of sources quoted information from church people or people who came out from those areas, Tingginambut and in Mulia. That is why I said we cannot ascertain or confirm whether it's the military or in this case Kopassus... But certainly there is no doubt that some killings took place there."

Paul Mambrasar.