29 Jul 2013

American Samoa funding drive for heart problem children

1:27 pm on 29 July 2013

The StarKist Samoa cannery has donated 15,000 US dollars to American Samoa's LBJ Hospital Pediatric Clinic to help with the treatment of children with heart problems.

The donation was made possible through Charlies Heart to Heart One dollar Donation Drive, which aimed to have each of the territory's estimated 59,000 people donate one dollar each.

Each of the cannery's 2,000 workers donated a dollar each and the company matched their donations dollar for dollar.

Starkist Samoa General Manager, Brett Butler, thanked businesses and community groups like the Pago Pago Rotary Club, which donated 1,000 dollars to the cause.

"This is an effort as part of our 50th anniversary. We selected a community charitable drive to raise funds to support a volunteer team of doctors from Oregon to come in and help the pediatric unit treat 247 kids with heart troubles. So this is a need effort we thought would be significant and with the help of the LBJ hospital to make this happen."

Brett Butler says it took four weeks to collect the funds.