29 Jul 2013

Nadi River diversion canals get green light in Fiji

7:07 am on 29 July 2013

The diversion of the Nadi River in Fiji has been confirmed with the Japanese Government committing $158 million US dollars to the project.

The project will see canals dug from the Nadi Back Road through Wailoaloa towards Nadi Bay.

Neville Koop, who is the meterology and climate adviser for the Secretariat of the Pacific Regional Environment Programme says the move is a good one, but only one part of dealing with the floods.

He says the warning systems and training since the 2012 floods will also help improve defences for the next deluge.

The head of Nadi Town Council Robin Ali says the work will begin in December and Mr Koop says there's a question mark over the timing.

"I would think it's a very poor time to start doing major excavation work, particularly as we are coming into a season where rainfall through the wet season is likely to be more above average than close to average. So it could be another fairly wet season, and if that's the case then yeah they're going to fall behind really quickly and that's the problem."

Neville Koop.