27 Jul 2013

Sport: Vanuatu and Nigeria in race for finals berth at Cricket League 6

8:57 am on 27 July 2013

The budding rivalry Vanuatu and Nigeria is set to spark again in the final round of group matches at the World Cricket League 6 tournament in Jersey.

The two teams met in the final of Cricket League 7 in April and are both vying for a spot in the Division 6 final this weekend.

Vanuatu are currently in second place, ahead of their African rivals on net run-rate, and two points behind the hosts, who they take on in tonight's match.

The Melanesians will miss out on a grand final spot if they lose and Nigeria beat Argentina and could even miss out if both teams win but their opponents triumph by a bigger margin.

Vanuatu coach Peter Wooden says they're trying not to get too bogged down in the finer details of what may or may not happen.

"We've still got our nose in front in second place on net run-rate. You know that other teams will get carried away perhaps with that net run-rate - our priority is to try and win the game. We might have a look at where teams are placed at the half-time break, if we're in a commanding position, and then look to try and further that but the first priority is to win it and if we do that and Nigeria lose, and [we] don't lose too badly, we will be in front and we will get through to the final."

The final, along with the third and fifth place playoff matches will be played Sunday night.