26 Jul 2013

Student alleges corruption by Solomons teachers

1:41 pm on 26 July 2013

A former Solomon Islands high school student says the wantok system is stopping him and many of his peers from completing their schooling.

Wantokism or favouring one's relatives is a prominent feature of Solomon Islands culture and something the government and the Regional Assistance Mission to the country have been trying to curb in the workplace.

Max Sterry Sabu, who comes from Isabel province, says he is a top student who worked hard to pass his final form six exams last November.

But he says when it came to checking his results, his name was not on the list and he has never found out how well he did.

"The problem is that the teachers always help their own people, because actually the teachers are always wantok business with the students, they always help their own people. Maybe they think that they don't want some people to take some more jobs."

Max Sterry Sabu says visiting ministry of education officers told his school that the teachers' practice of only letting certain people proceed to form seven or the final year of high school is rife throughout Solomon Islands.