25 Jul 2013

Tonga police say locals doing best to address school rival issues

5:01 am on 25 July 2013

The police in Tonga say there is no overnight fix to the tensions built up between two rival schools, but people are doing the best they can to address it.

147 ex and current students from Tupou college were arrested after an attack that left ex-Tonga college pupil, Taniela Halahuni, in a critical condition.

A teacher from Tupou college, and another man, both in their 40's have also been arrested.

The police commissioner, Grant O'Fee, says ex-Tonga college students have visited the Tupou college prisoners to give them food, which is a positive sign.

"I mean, obviously there's lots of well meaning people who are trying to do the best they can to try to get the best out of this. I'm having a series of meetings with my staff and others to see if there are some small things we can do and there is no one single silver bullet, but I think if everyone does they best they can, that's all we can do."

The police commissioner, Grant O'Fee.

Those arrested in relation to the attack are expected to appear in court on Thursday.