24 Jul 2013

Tonga students extend peace token following attack

7:32 pm on 24 July 2013

The Tonga police commissioner says a group of ex students from Tonga College have extended a token of peace to the prisoners arrested in relation to an attack that left two in hospital.

An ex-Tonga college student, Taniela Halahuni, has a skull fracture and is in a critical condition following an attack by 147 students and ex-students from rival school Tupou College.

A teacher from Tupou College, and another man, both in their forties, were arrested on Tuesday and charged with offences related to criminal damage.

72 of the 147 Tupou college students arrested in relation to the attack remain in custody.

The police commissioner Grant O'Fee says there have been some positive signs since Friday's violence.

"A group of ex-students from Tonga College, which was the group that belonged to the house that was attacked, went to the police station and delivered a whole lot of food to prisoners from Tupou College, which is a pleasant, I suppose you might call it an olive leaf, but it remains to be seen where that takes us."

Grant O'Fee says it's expected all arrested in relation to the attack will appear in court on Thursday.