24 Jul 2013

Solomons students fear failure if strike continues

12:45 pm on 24 July 2013

Some students in Solomon Islands fear they will fail their exams if nationwide industrial action by teachers continues.

Teachers have been on strike for a week and a half, the third time they have stopped work this year over the government's failure to implement outstanding pay adjustments.

"They have responded to a government threat to cut their pay tomorrow if they do not return to work with a counter threat to stage a mass resignation, something the teachers union says is a last resort."

But Dybham Maelasia, who is in her second to last year at Honiara High School, says students cannot afford any more time off school.

All my friends they just say that they don't want the teachers to do that, they just want us to resume our classes because we are worried about our upcoming exam, so we are worried about the big exam.

Dybham Maelasia says students just want teachers to stay in class until the November exam.