24 Jul 2013

Nauru plans better police training and a reserve force after riot

4:31 am on 24 July 2013

Nauru is to improve its police training and may raise a reserve force in the wake of last week's destructive riot at the Australian run asylum seeker detention camp.

Rioting inmates caused tens of millions of dollars damage to the camp and 152 of them are due to appear in court.

Hundreds of local volunteers were used to support police and the Australian security personnel at the camp, and Nauru's acting president, David Adeang, says this is one of the lessons the riot has taught them.

"We got some very important lessons on how to better manage the security at the centre, not just for the immediate future but for the longer term, particularly in terms of police training and recruiting an additional, perhaps a reserve force on standby to address emergency situations like a mass riot."

David Adeang says the government suspended the country's police commander, Richard Britten, because it disagreed with the way he handled the riot and its aftermath.