23 Jul 2013

Nauru leader says riot shows poor choices by asylum seekers

3:02 pm on 23 July 2013

The Nauru government says last Friday's riot at the Australian run detention camp on the island has brought to a standstill the assessment of asylum seekers' refugee status.

The riot wrecked the camp and 152 inmates are to appear in court tomorrow on charges of rioting, wilful damage and arson.

Nauru's acting president, David Adeang, says the government now knows it has to improve the management of the centre, particularly to address the welfare and concerns of the asylum seekers.

He says a number of asylum seekers were close to getting refugee status, while the island was preparing to open the camp to allow people to move around Nauru, but this is now being put back.

"Friday's incidents will focus on very poor choices made by a number of people there. Of course their processing has come to an absolute stop now and their prospects for a successful determination, or even in fact for resettlement to third countries will be very much affected by the outcome of the judicial process in regards to the violent incidents on Friday."

Nauru's acting president, David Adeang