22 Jul 2013

Rally set for visit of US Interior representative to Northern Marianas

1:34 pm on 22 July 2013

At least three workers' groups are set to rally in the Northern Marianas today when the US Interior Assistant Secretary, Eileen Sobeck, begins her week-long visit to Saipan.

The groups are campaigning to keep the US Federal Labor Ombudsman's Office open beyond the 2013 fiscal year.

Thousands of signatures have been gathered by an online petition to keep the ombudsman's office open.

For 14 years, that agency has helped refer to proper CNMI and federal agencies thousands of foreign workers who were victims of labour abuses, human trafficking, sex trafficking, illegal recruitment, rape, assault and battery, false imprisonment and torture.

Leaders of the groups are hoping their concerns will be heard during the peaceful rally set at the American Memorial Park.