17 Jul 2013

PNG Trade Union Congress condemns attack on students

5:08 am on 17 July 2013

The Papua New Guinea Trade Union Congress has joined leaders and community groups in condemning actions of soldiers rampaging at the medical facility in Port Moresby.

The police say more than 30 soldiers armed with guns, knives and iron bars carried out the attack at Port Moresby General Hospital and the adjacent Medical and Health Science campus of the University of PNG on Sunday, injuring staff, security personnel and students.

The Trade Union General Secretary, John Paska, said such barbaric actions are completely unacceptable, cannot be condoned and must attract the strongest possible condemnation.

The union has called for strong government intervention to ensure that there is no future repetition of such senseless behavior.

Mr Paska has likened the attack to domestic terrorism.

He says it has happened a number of times in the past and the fact that it is still happening says shows that successive governments including the current one have failed to instill the desired discipline in PNG's security forces.