16 Jul 2013

Threat of Solomons teacher union suspension

6:12 am on 16 July 2013

The president of the Solomon Islands National Teachers Association or SINTA says if the government suspends the organisation it will be acting unlawfully.

The comment follows the launch of the third strike this year by the country's teachers over the government's failure to pay relevelling dues.

Samson Faisi, who lost his job as a teacher last year, says threats to suspend the association based on his continuing role as president are a last ditch effort by the government to get rid of him because he is so outspoken.

"I am only one man and SINTA is a body that represents 8000-plus teachers. So if you want to do away with me you cannot do that because the issue will still be there."

Samson Faisi says SINTA's constitution is silent over whether the president must be employed as a teacher but it is something that will be reviewed at the annual general meeting in September.