15 Jul 2013

Official says Niue business grants through NZ aid bring benefits

5:38 am on 15 July 2013

A business development manager in Niue says funds being given to some business operators on the island are having the desired effect.

The grants, provided by the New Zealand government through its aid programme, are not large - the biggest being just over 3,000 US dollars.

But Elliott Kirton, a business development manager for the Chamber of Commerce who has worked with New Zealand's high commissioner to Niue, Mark Blumsky, on similar projects in New Zealand, says there are benefits.

He says the Chamber and businesses asked for the grants which are aimed at small operators with low turnover and poor viability.

"We have got carvers looking to increase production so they can sell at the markets and sell to the increasing tourist market. We have got builders purchasing scaffolding so that they can work off the ground and meet any health and safety requirements. We have got electricians being about to buy tools - once again for safety purposes."

Elliot Kirton on Niue