10 Jul 2013

PNG's PM blasts opponents on govt's planned constitutional changes

4:51 am on 10 July 2013

Papua New Guinea's prime minister says those who claim planned constitutional changes are aimed at keeping him in power are misfits and psychopaths.

On Monday Peter O'Neill blasted opponents of proposed plans to reduce the minimum number of mandated parliamentary sitting days and restructure how votes of no confidence take place.

He wants to reduce the minimum number of sitting days from 63 to 40 and to force details of a planned vote of no confidence to be made public 3 months before any vote is held.

But Mr O'Neill says this is not a one man or one-party draconian political power play, nor are the government's legislative initiatives geared towards keeping him in office as prime minister indefinitely.

He says such notions and speculation are harboured by economic, political and social misfits and psychopaths.

The People's Freedom Pati leader Moses Murray, who is challenging the bid on behalf of the opposition, says the changes were unnecessary because of the government's numerical strength.