9 Jul 2013

UN says government ministers should take action on climate

7:32 am on 9 July 2013

A United Nations special representative of the secretary general says government ministers need to listen and take action on climate change and disaster risks.

Margareta Wahlstrom, the special representative on disaster risk reduction says governments may need to change their structures to deal with threats.

She says no country will ever achieve any improvement unless government sectors work together instead of duplicating efforts to achieve the same goals.

Ms Wahlstrom says she has seen more openness in the Pacific than other areas in the world, and puts this down to the nature of the people and a strong cultural identity.

But Ms Wahlstrom says individual ministers need to listen and integrate climate change and disaster goals and initiatives into their operations.

"It's not the climate risk expert that will achieve the change in sustainability it's the ministerial health that integrates into its health planning. It's the minister of finance that will check that everyone has done their investment in the sectorial programme."

A United Nations special representative of the secretary general, Margareta Wahlstrom.