5 Jul 2013

Guam countering fire ants invasion

1:38 pm on 5 July 2013

Guam's Department of Agriculture is asking residents to check their properties for an invasive species of ant that scientists are trying to track and eradicate.

The Little Fire Ant has spread to 12 areas around the island since it was first found in Yigo in 2011.

The Department has set aside 15 thousand dollars to buy pesticides and other equipment to try and eradicate the ants which are believed to have come from Hawaii.

A professor of entomology at the University of Guam, Ross Miller, says the ants often leave a wasteland wherever they go because they chase away all the animals around them.

He told the Pacific Daily News the ants threaten native wildlife like geckos, birds and insects and can cause blindness in pets and pose a threat to newborn babies.

He says some farmers are scared to pick their crops because of the fire ants and that anyone who finds them on their property should call the Department of Agriculture.