4 Jul 2013

PNG Magistrate advocates corporal punishment for domestic abusers

4:31 am on 4 July 2013

A Papua New Guinea Magistrate says that not all domestic violators should go to prison for violating their families but instead be given corporal punishment.

The Senior Tabubil Magistrate Patrick Monouluk made these remarks when sentencing a Bougainvillean man to three months imprisonment for assaulting his wife.

Magistrate Monouluk said the circumstance of the case warrant him to be caned by his owned wife than go to prison for his attack on her

He said that it seems that in all the present penalty options families still suffer.

The Magistrate says adverse consequences on families from jail sentences, fines and court costs for domestic violators mean that corporal punishment or caning is an ideal sentencing option.

He says that for wife-bashers in particular it is an effective deterrent because caning carries with it an aspect of shaming which violators tend to fear.