2 Jul 2013

Cervical cancer vaccination programme in Vanuatu delayed

10:04 am on 2 July 2013

A vaccination campaign in Vanuatu to combat the threat of cervical cancer has been delayed due to a lack of immediate funds.

The vaccination programme was to begin last month after the manufacturer provided the drugs free of charge.

The government says it has no money to pay for the programme so the World Health Organisation, together with UNICEF and the United Nations Population Fund, has been working to try and source the money.

The liaison officer for the WHO in Vanuatu, Dr Jacob Kool, says each of the agencies got funding, but it hadn't been budgetted for so they are still to access it.

"So we work hard to quickly get the money together and so I don't think we are the reason for the delay, we are actually the reason it is still possible to do this before the end of the year. It will probably take a few weeks before the money is in the bank account and it needs some time to organise this campaign but it will happen before the end of the year."

The liaison officer for the WHO in Vanuatu, Dr Jacob Kool.