5 Sep 2013

Vanuatu opposition judicial review on airport to court tomorrow

7:23 pm on 5 September 2013

A judicial review sought by the Vanuatu opposition on the international airport development project is set to be heard tomorrow morning.

The proposed development involves upgrading airports around the country and building a new international airport on Efate.

The company would also run the airports for 50 years.

The first respondent is the Republic of Vanuatu, the second prime minister Moana Carcasses and the third, the Singaporean company involved in the deal, Vanuatu Trade Development Limited.

The opposition had sought an urgent application for a stay order on a concession agreement signed by Mr Carcasses and his deputy, Edward Natapei, in July this year.

The opposition also asked the court for a stay order on parliament not debating or approving promissory notes through which the government intends to underwrite the project.

An extra-ordinary session of parliament ended last Friday without approving the promissory notes but an adhoc committee was approved to have another look at the concession agreement.