4 Sep 2013

NZ will not change emission plan despite Marshalls plea on leadership

1:35 pm on 4 September 2013

The New Zealand prime minister, John Key, says New Zealand won't change its plan for reducing emissions but it will support a declaration on climate change at the Pacific Islands Forum.

The Marshall Islands is promoting a Majuro Declaration on climate change leadership as the signature outcome of the summit and there have been calls from other small island states for the region to take the lead globally in calling for cuts in emissions.

Mr Key says New Zealand's emissions' target is appropriate.

"We also believe the other actions that we are taking are practical and correct in terms of the investments we are making in science and other areas but we are happy to support a communique that says climate change is important, that states like this feel vulnerable, that collectively the world should take on board the challenges that a nation like the Marshall Islands faces."

The New Zealand prime minister John Key.