2 Sep 2013

Samoa media body to be re-registered in the next few months

7:19 pm on 2 September 2013

The president of the Journalists Association of Samoa, or JAWS, says it will re-register in the next few months so that it can work with the government in drafting new media regulation legislation.

Uale Papali'i Taimalelagi says he wrote to the Department of Labour seeking to have the organisation de-registered, because it had not completed some of the necessary paperwork over the past few years.

He says he wanted to ensure the umbrella organisation for journalists was re-registered as a legal entity, with all the paperwork in place.

He says JAWS will then be able to work with the Attorney General's office to draft the legislation.

"The legislation that is about to come out from the Attorney General's office will have to come to JAWS while JAWS is a legal entity. Until that legislation comes out from the Attorney General's office JAWS will meet again and see what input it can have to the legislation before the legislation is submitted before Parliament."

Uale Papali'i Taimalelagi.

Earlier this year, the Attorney General agreed to involve JAWS in the process after the group raised concerns the government could legislate to restrict media freedoms.