30 Aug 2013

Youths becoming a nuisance in Fiji's Nadi - businessman

6:18 pm on 30 August 2013

A Fiji businessman says some village youths are becoming a nuisance for tourists and investors in Nadi.

He says his floating restaurant, Cloud 9, was attacked by knife-wielding youths and cut adrift as a handful of Australian and New Zealand tourists were in it.

Its owner Tony Phillip says the boys are on bail and will appear in court.

"They want to get money now whichever way they can. I guess it all comes down to the cultural thing whether they want to work for it they prefer to go out there hold business to ransom whether they have the right to do it or don't; in the past this sort of intimidation worked particularly before for a foreigner it is very difficult dealing with tribal politics that sort of thing."

Tony Phillip says his business has been affected for a couple of days.