7 Sep 2013

Dept of Transportation in Hawai'i faces lawsuit

10:17 am on 7 September 2013

An NGO in Hawai'i intends filing a lawsuit today over the Department of Transportation's failure to have its written driver's test translated into Chuukese from the FSM, Marshallese, and Ilocano a dialect from the Philippines.

Faith Action for Community Equity, or FACE, says its lawsuit will seek to require the Department to provide translations or interpretation for the test in these languages.

FACE leader and Chuukese court interpreter, Kikko Sana Eram, has met with the Department's civil rights specialists and told them the english-only policy is hurting families.

The founder of the Maui Marshallese Women's Club and FACE organiser, Veronica Teico, says they have been trying everything to get the Department to take the issue seriously, but Hawai'i remains the only state not to offer the test in other languages.