10 Sep 2013

NZ opposition urges NZ government to step up on climate

9:45 am on 10 September 2013

The Labour party in New Zealand says the government has no credibility on climate change, if it does not step up and be a leader in reducing green house gas emissions.

Pacific leaders made a commitment at the Pacific Islands Forum to urgently cut green house gas emissions and become leaders in the fight to combat climate change.

New Zealand and Australia will cut their emissions by five percent below 1990 levels by 2020, but will commit to more if other industrialised countries also make stronger commitments.

The Labour Party spokesperson for the environment, Maryan Street, says she wants to see the prime minister, John Key, take the climate change issue seriously.

"We're a small proportion of the global total, but we have no credibility if we don't do our share, and five percent reduction is not doing our share. The Pacific Island leaders, who are not fools, will have seen through Mr Key's tea and sympathy and seen what priority it is he gives climate change in his own country, which is very little."

Labour's environment spokesperson, Maryan Street.