10 Sep 2013

Nauru hospital rebuild cost estaimated at US$6m

2:46 pm on 10 September 2013

The Nauru health minister Valdon Dowiyogo says the estimated cost of a rebuilding programme following a major fire at the island's only hospital last month is just under six million US dollars.

The fire, which Mr Dowiyogo says he has been told was due to an electrical fault, wrecked administrative and radiology facilities.

Some patients had to be relocated to the old hospital but they were returned to the wards after a short time.

Mr Dowiyogo says they are yet to start looking for funding for the rebuild but have got backing to replace machinery that was destroyed.

"We are very grateful for those donations. One is the X-Ray which is about 135 to 140 grand [ about 115 to 120 thousand US dollars]. It is funded by JICA, the Japanese International Co-operation Agency, and for the ultrasound scanner we have secured a donor which is a regular customer for our phosphate, Radiance International."

The Nauru health minister Valdon Dowiyogo