11 Sep 2013

Solomons flood victims urged to be patient as food becomes scarce

1:32 pm on 11 September 2013

A disaster official in Solomon Islands' Guadalcanal province is assuring people in the region hit by floods over the past few days that food is on its way.

Heavy rain in the mountains caused flooding that has destroyed food gardens, commercial crops, homes and public infrastructure in the Tetere area of eastern Guadalcanal.

Annell Husband reports.

"Bridge washouts several days ago severed the access to health services and markets of about 12-thousand people in the Ghaobata, East Taimsboko,Vulolo and Paripao wards. Komukama village is still not reachable because of flooding. The Guadalcanal Provincial Disaster Management officer says temporary bridge repairs are enabling people to cross but they will also be washed away if the heavy rain that is predicted creates further flooding. Herrick Savusi says people are short of food but he is hoping supplies of rice will start arriving from the capital Honiara tomorrow. He says supplies of clean water are also an issue and the Good Samaritan Hospital is reporting an increase in water borne illnesses such as diarrhoea as well as flu and colds."