11 Sep 2013

American Samoa authorities close down filthy eateries

3:29 pm on 11 September 2013

About half a dozen eateries in American Samoa remain closed after beefed up health inspections by authorities.

The Department of Health earlier shut down eleven fast food outlets and restaurants due to unsanitary conditions.

The department's chief compliance officer Papali'i Marion Fitisemanu says several restaurants have been re-opened since last week after a second round of inspections.

Papali'i says the majority of the eateries had filthy kitchens and some cooks are using the floor to prepare food because there is not enough bench space.

"We're getting batters done up for frying foods all sitting on the floor and we also see cockroaches, rat trails and black mildew and goo from all the frying, grease and oil, all intertwined together underneath. So none of this preparation is actually done off the floor on any proper tables or counters."

Papali'i Marion Fitisemanu of American Samoa's Department of Health