11 Sep 2013

Judge reserve decision on right to key Cook Islands title

3:03 pm on 11 September 2013

After a week of debate the Cook Islands high Court has reserved its decision on who has the right to the Makea Nui Ariki title.

Justice Wilson Isaac told the court on Friday he will reserve his decision for a future date.

It is expected to take some months as he deliberates on submissions made by a total of nine applicants.

Ellena Tavioni, Stanley Hunt, Mere MacQuarie and Apai Mataiapo made initial applications for the right to the title.

An additional five applicants joined just before the court began on Monday last week.

Most of the debate in court has focused on objection to Ellena Tavioni claiming a right to the title and an objection of the title being rotated between four Makea clans.

All applicants have been invested with the Makea Nui title since Makea Nui Teremoana Ariki died nearly 20 years ago, however, no ruling has been made on who has sole right to the title.