13 Sep 2013

Marshall Islands loining factory needs labourers from Kiribati

3:03 pm on 13 September 2013

Marshall Islands only tuna loining factory, Pan Pacific Foods, is considering bringing in workers from Kiribati to offset its labour shortage.

The Marshall Islands Journal reports the plant manager, Don Xu, saying the loining factory needs 400 workers to staff one shift, but often less than 140 turn up.

He says the problem is so acute the company wants to bring in 30 workers from Kiribati as a pilot project.

The Journal says Mr Xu would like to run two shifts - that is 800 workers.

The minister in assistance to the President of Marshall Islands, Tony deBrum, says government would like to see collaborations within the region for better mobility of people for jobs and opportunities.

He says if I-Kiribati or Tuvaluans want to work in the Marshall Islands there should not be any immigration issues.