16 Sep 2013

Churches in Fiji make strong statement on democracy and expression

4:52 am on 16 September 2013

The President of the World Association of Christian Communication's Pacific chapter says churches across the spectrum in Fiji have agreed to do more to end the climate of fear in the country's political landscape.

The WACC's Pacific Communication Rights for Peace Symposium concluded yesterday in Suva with the release of its strongest statement yet on the country's path to democracy.

Reverend Akuila Yabaki says true democracy in Fiji can only exist when the culture of silence has been transformed into a culture of dialogue, in which all people are empowered to speak up, voice their concerns and express themselves.

"That's been a missing factor in Fiji politics for the movement towards democracy. The churches need to repair their relationships and come back, in a country where there is a significance attached to the voice of the churches and the people do listen to the churches, they should continue this."

Reverend Akuila Yabaki.