17 Sep 2013

Former Fijian fund manager and NZ resident found guilty of corruption

9:11 pm on 17 September 2013

A former deputy general manager of the Fiji National Provident Fund has been found guilty of corruption by the Fiji High Court.

Foana Nemani, who currently lives in New Zealand, was charged with extortion and abuse of authority, for authorising the payment of allowances to herself and a former CEO in 2006 without the proper procedures.

In 2011, the Fiji Independent Commission Against Corruption said it was working with Interpol for Nemani's arrest.

She had travelled to New Zealand for medical reasons and did not return.

Our correspondent Ricardo Morris says last year the High Court ruled she could be tried in her absence.

"According to my knowledge that had not been carried out in Fiji before. They managed to use a section that covers the absence of an accused person in court."

Ricardo Morris says sentencing will follow and the court may attempt to prepare extradition papers.