17 Sep 2013

Solomons hospital monitoring for illness outbreaks after floods

9:12 pm on 17 September 2013

A Solomon Islands hospital in eastern Guadalcanal says patient intake seems to be back to normal after the region was hit by destructive flooding last week.

Heavy rain in the mountains left 12,000 people affected by food and water shortages.

The nurse manager at the Good Samaritan hospital at Tetere, Adrian Manikera, says

he is now seeing only a few potentially flood-related illnesses each day but is monitoring the situation closely.

"I have a surveillance form supplied by the Ministry of Health to monitor diarrhoea cases and fever cases and chronic fever cases to keep track of the possibility of outbreak but currently have a normal number of patients coming daily. But in the days to come, the story might turn out different."

Mr Manikera appealed to the Ministry of Health's health promotion team last week to come to the area educate locals, but they have not yet come.

He says he has been going out into the community himself, encouraging people to boil water before they drink it.