18 Sep 2013

Cook Islands Grey Power to march against new tax laws

1:32 pm on 18 September 2013

Grey Power in the Cook Islands says it is planning a protest at Parliament against new laws which will mean New Zealand superannuitants living there are taxed.

Under the government's compliance programme, pensioners will have to pay 25 percent on any income over 10,000 dollars.

The president of the newly-formed Grey Power, Tairi Te Rangi Rangatira Tupe Short, says its members owe the government thousands of dollars in back taxes since 2010 that they were not aware they should have paid.

He says he wrote to the Finance Minister, Mark Brown, to inform him they would not be paying the taxes but has not yet heard back.

He says many of the 260 pensioners affected by the scheme, and other concerned locals, will march to parliament when it next sits.

"We are not going to pay, ok. We have wrote to them and stated that we are refusing. What we are planning to do is walk to Parliament when they restart again on the 23 of this month. And we want to know if they are going to accept our request because they haven't replied back. If they don't accept our request the whole world will find out what's cooking here in the Cook Islands."

Tairi Te Rangi Rangatira Tupe Short.