19 Sep 2013

Fiji churches to reiterate messages on democracy in election run-up

4:27 am on 19 September 2013

Churches in Fiji plan to send out regular messages in the coming months to inspire people to participate in politics and help move Fiji towards democracy.

The Fiji Council of Churches, which includes Fiji's main Christian churches, has agreed with religious leaders' call last week to transform the present system of power and allow people to take part in political affairs.

A Council spokesman, Reverend James Bhagwan, says churches feel they have an important contribution to make in the run-up to elections.

"At the same time it is the role of the church to be prophetic and so to make these statements to ensure that the voices are heard so it is not a culture of silence. It is a culture where people feel empowered to speak up and to speak out."

Reverend Bhagwan says the church has been quite fragmented over the last decade and now is the time to be unified.