19 Sep 2013

Renewed calls for Solomons Parliament to be more accountable

10:57 am on 19 September 2013

There are calls for a Solomon Islands parliamentary committee to put in place tough regulations on development funds, after an officer was accused of corruption.

Last week, the Constituency Development Officer for the Temotu Pele constituency was reportedly suspended over an allegation he misappropriated 115,000 US dollars.

The Constituent Development Funds Act allows aid funding to go to individual constituency offices rather than through ministries, and the committee is now looking at what regulations to put in place.

The executive officer for Transparency Solomon Islands, Daniel Fenua, says originally the committee was to consult donors and other groups, but now doesn't seem to be consulting anyone.

"They've done nothing, and this is our very concern. It's really important because of the huge amount of money involved and we think it's very important that the Government should have a huge consultation on this, calling for public input."

The executive officer for Transparency Solomon Islands, Daniel Fenua.