20 Sep 2013

No plans to resign: Solomons' Guadalcanal premier

4:22 am on 20 September 2013

The premier of Guadalcanal in Solomon Islands says he has no plans to resign.

Earlier this week eight members of Stephen Panga's executive petitioned him to step down over issues of land mismanagement and misappropriation of funds and then resigned themselves.

Mr Panga came into power in February after the previous premier Anthony Veke stepped down over similar allegations.

Mr Panga says he has done nothing wrong and is leading important work for the province.

"It serves no interest of the people of Guadalcanal on such petty politics, you know? It's people chasing leadership - it's just the politics between us leaders which destabilises a lot of pro-development programmes that we want to proceed with and implentation that heeds to be done."

Stephen Panga says it is fortunate he has not been in the job long enough for a motion of no confidence to be brought against him because that would cause more disruption.