20 Sep 2013

Volleyball league in American Samoa called off following attack

7:10 am on 20 September 2013

American Samoa's Department of Education and the group in charge of high school sports have suspended the local high school volleyball league.

The decision was made after students from Tafuna high school were assaulted on a bus which was transporting the team from another high school on Tuesday evening.

Rocks were thrown at the bus while it was moving and the front shield and several windows were smashed as the bus stopped to let out students.

The head of the School Bus Division, Lavenia Levaula told KVZK-TV that young people and some adults managed to get on the bus and attacked some of the passengers.

Three students from the Tafuna volleyball team were taken to the hospital with injuries, and the school bus suffered extensive damage.

An official at the Department of Education, Tumua Matu'u, say they will meet today to discuss the Tuesday incident, and also an earlier altercation at a high school volleyball game.

Two students were injured in that incident.