20 Sep 2013

Cook Islands to give honorary residency to 3 notables

1:18 pm on 20 September 2013

Honorary residency to the Cook Islands is to be given to three people tomorrow,marking their contributions to the nation.

They are Chief Justice Thomas Weston and his wife Margaret Egan and physician Tim Cundy.

The acting director of immigration, Vasie Poila, says the honour is in recognition of services in the national interest and to the people of the Cook Islands.

Chief Justice Weston, who was appointed to his current role in May 2010, first joined the High Court of the Cook Islands in January of 2006.

He and his wife are regular visitors to the country.

Dr Cundy, a New Zealand based medical professional, is known internationally for his work on metabolic bone disease.

The three will be honoured at a small ceremony at Government House with the award presented by the Queen's Representative Tom Marsters.