20 Sep 2013

Fiji Prime Minister defends massive pay hikes to heads of departments

3:23 pm on 20 September 2013

The Prime Minister of Fiji has confirmed the permanent secretaries of government departments have had salary increases of up to 192 percent.

A report from PriceWaterhouseCoopers had been leaked earlier this month, which outlined new salaries with some earning more than $118,000 US dollars.

The Fiji Council of Trade Unions condemned the hikes, saying sugar workers were only offered four US dollars extra a week and still live under the poverty line.

Fiji Live reports Frank Bainimarama defended the massive salaries saying they attract the right people for the job.

The Public Service Association has complained, saying other civil servants are earning just over $5000 US dollars a year, and now there is a huge difference between permanent secretaries and their deputies.