23 Sep 2013

Fiji's PDP says exporters struggling with airbus cargo limits

4:41 am on 23 September 2013

A political party in Fiji says it's happy that Fiji Airways has explained how it purchased airbus planes for its fleet, but insists Boeing would have been better.

The spokesperson for the People's Democratic Party Nirmal Singh says CEO Stefan Pichler's interview in Thursdays' Fiji Sun newspaper was an overdue explanation of how the country's pension fund helped finance the new planes.

Mr Singh says he is happy there has been an explanation and he understands Mr Pichler has a business to run.

But he says he has spoken to exporters who complain that the long-haul flights on the new Airbus planes have much less cargo space than the Boeing planes.

"We felt that if you look at the cargo space, and I understand the Airbus doesn't have that capacity to carry the cargo to their destination. I also understand the Nadi-Los Angeles flights are basically full and they even don't have sufficient space in the Airbus to even carry the luggage."

Nirmal Singh.