23 Sep 2013

TI Fiji advocates non-reactionary approach

6:32 pm on 23 September 2013

Transparency International Fiji has defended its approach of not publicly asking questions of accountability of government and public officials.

The NGO's chairperson, Api Tudreu says it is not TI Fiji's policy to be reactionary but rather to be involved in pro-active engagement with agencies such as the Independent Commission Against Corruption and the Public Accounts Committee.

He says TI Fiji's focus is on systemic reform and prevention efforts, especially at community levels.

"That is our preference really, that we make an impact on reforms at that level rather than actually investigation or hounding reports because that seems not to be our purpose."

Api Tudreu says if an opinion on corruption or accountability issues is required, TI responds to questions from the media, and contributes to appropriate fora.

But he says Fiji's current media environment is such that any comment TI makes runs the risk of being unevenly disseminated.